Maintaining your yard like a pro

You take pride in your home – taking on home improvement projects, renovating, and updating it to make it more comfortable. After all, you spent a lot of time and resources to find your ideal home. You want it to be something you’re proud of, and a place you’re all too happy to spend your time.

Your yard should also be a source of pride for you. Curb appeal starts with the outside of your home. If your front lawn is patchy and your backyard is left to run wild, people will probably assume your house is in shambles too.

Instead of leaving your lawn to the mercy of Mother Nature, take charge! Here are some easy, low-cost ways to maintain your yard like a pro!

What’s your type?

The first step to good lawn care is to understand the type of grass blanketing your yard. Regardless of whether you have an acre of land or just a small patch of grass, it should be treated the same – with care especially for its type. There are two main categories that each type of grass falls into – cold weather and warm weather grass.

Cold weather grass thrives in the cold weather and is more sensitive to the heat. Warm weather grass is the exact opposite, preferring warmer climates. Bluegrass and ryegrass are popular cold weather grasses. On the other hand, Bermuda grass and Bahia grass dominate the warm types. Each grass is different and needs to be treated and fertilized different – knowing your type will help you with proper care.

Clear the debris

Beautiful backyards all have something in common – they’re beautifully landscaped! You don’t have to spend a lot of money hiring a professional landscaper to achieve the look you want. Devoting a weekend to weeding and clearing overgrown flowerbeds will instantly give your yard new life. Clean up fallen leaves, dead plants, and old mulch, leaving the flowerbeds mostly bare.

A trip to your local nursery will leave you with endless planting options. Opt for plants and flowers that do well in your climate. Be sure to choose plants based on the sun exposure of the flowerbeds – this will help them thrive, and avoid sun damage. After you’ve done some work to clear the beds, plant your new flowers. For best results, give them plenty of room to breathe.

Create a schedule

Unfortunately, yard work isn’t a once-and-done task. To create a compelling backyard, you have to maintain it. Creating a schedule for regular mowing will not only keep your lawn the envy of the neighborhood, it will help keep it healthy. Make sure your lawn tractor has the best John Deere accessories and parts so you’re getting a good mow every time, with little damage to your grass.

Don’t forget to work some time into your schedule to water your newly added plants, flowers, and even your grass. To get a lush lawn, you don’t have to water it very often – once a week or so it ok. For newly planted flowers and shrubs, make sure you’re following the watering instructions for each plant. A little work, and a few minutes each week with leave you with a lovely lawn!