Rent it? How to get the equipment you need

surveying construction site

When you’re in charge of a job site, it’s your responsibility to make sure your client is happy and your team is safe. A big part of accomplishing your job is having the equipment you need. Commercial, industrial, and residential jobs all call for different equipment. Repairing a warehouse roof or digging the foundation for a new complex each requires its own set of tools and equipment.

But when every dollar you earn goes toward payroll, expenses, advertising, and more, you can’t always afford to buy new equipment for every job. Lifts, cranes, excavators, and diggers often come with a pretty big price tag. Let’s take a look at your options – you can always get the equipment you need for the job!

Know your strengths

Commercial and industrial work calls for a lot of different skills. Each job your company is called into to do requires special knowledge, skilled workers, and a set schedule. Most jobs begin with a quote – you talk needs, price, policies, and time-frame. The most important aspect here is the time-frame. Nothing gives your business a bad name faster than disgruntled clients complaining about missed deadlines. And when you don’t have the equipment you need, your time-frame is thrown into the wind.

This is where you need to decide how badly you need that piece of equipment. If you keep getting into jobs you can’t complete because of your lack of resources, you have a major problem. Planning, preparation, and clear expectations are key here. It starts with knowing what you’re getting into and making sure you have the means to fulfil your side of things.

Do you need it?

When you’re called in to do a job, you prepare your team, gather your tools, and get started. Every good project manager knows exactly what they need to complete the project within the set expectations. Let’s say you work for a HVAC company that specializes in commercial duct repair. You arrive at the job site, ready to start the day. What you find is a huge warehouse with complicated systems, high ceilings, and in need of an entirely new system.

To reach the ducts, you probably need a spider lift. This may be one of the first times you’ve ever needed a piece of equipment for this kind of job. The important thing to consider in this circumstance is how often you run into situations like that. In this case, do you need to buy the spider lift?

spider lift

You can rent it!

The most important thing is to get the job completed. Before you go buy a spider lift that can cost over $50,000, consider your options. Renting a spider lift allows you to get the equipment you need, without the huge investment. There’s no pouring over the books or asking your boss to fit it into the budget. You simply need to find the best deal and rental plan that works for you.

Now that you know you can simply rent the equipment you need, you just have to find a trustworthy dealer. Look for someone that keeps their machines in good shape and offers fair daily and weekly fees. Read your contacts carefully to ensure you’re following their rental guidelines. Renting the equipment you need to jobs here and here can help keep your workers, your clients, and your bank account happy!